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Photograph of INSBS member Maureen Smith

Smith, Maureen

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Maureen is the reviews editor for the Science and Religion Forum (SRF) Journal: Reviews in Science and Religion often seeking from others, offers of books for review purposes, book reviews, and potential book reviewers to contribute to discourse on the relationship between science and religion. 

Passionate about teaching and learning, she has a history of teaching secondary science education, whilst specializing in biology, for a period of approximately 22 years. Experienced, therefore, in a variety of school settings across the spectrum including Special Educational Needs (SENs), Academies, Technology Colleges, Grammar, and schools within the Private Sector. She is an Educational Doctorate Candidate (EdD) at Newman University in Birmingham, Great Britain, United Kingdom (UK). This is a student-centered university, which is challenging, yet supportive in enabling their students to engage with theories and concepts to become creative thinkers able to make a difference in the world.

Maureen is the recipient of funding from St Luke’s Foundation, the object of which is, to advance further and higher education in Religious Education and Theology. Her research was borne out of classroom practice as during her vocation, she has witnessed several school students’ implicit reluctance to engage with aspects of the science curriculum based on their dogmatic worldviews and fundamental religious beliefs. Given the potential to adversely impact the academic attainment of such students, and when situated in an environment of professional and political accountability measures; is a consequence of which Maureen is currently targeting policymakers and curriculum panelists to persuade them of the relative importance of her research. Her aims are to provide insider insight, which may influence policy decisions and improve professional practice in science education. Through the lens of a scientist with Christian faith, she is currently conducting a qualitative case study to explore perceptions of other teachers, and in particular, early career teachers within the field.

She has developed a keen interest in photography and poetry currently contemplating the publication of a series of her original poems. As an early career researcher, Maureen’s publications thus far, include short articles in the School Science (SSR) A Relationship with Nature – Through the Lens of a Science Teacher During Lockdown: and via ‘Christians in Science’ Connect 4: Science and Faith in Education.


Smith, M. (2020) A relationship with nature – through the lens of a science teacher during lockdown: School Science Review (SSR): The role and relevance of science in addressing global concerns; The Association for Science Education Journal 11-19, Vol.102: No 378.

Smith, M. (2018) Science and Faith in Education; Christians in Science, Connecting Science, and Faith Issues 4