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Silva, Heslley Machado



Heslley Machado Silva, biologist, professor and researcher at University Center of Formiga/MG, Brazil.

Project Coordinator: Biology teachers’ conceptions of three Latin American countries about human’s place in nature and the human mind, University Center of Formiga/MG, University of Oxford, support by John Templeton Foundation (2016).

Post-Doctor at the University of Minho, Education and Science, Portugal (2016). PhD in Education at the Federal University of Minas Gerais (2015), Brazil, Latin American research program Education and Science, research focuses on teaching of evolutionary biology in Latin American, teachers, regional religious and political discourses. Master’s degree in Education at the Federal University of Minas Gerais (2000).

Heslley has recently published book chapters, “Evolution Education and the Rise of the Creationist Movement in Brazil”, published in the USA, on the issue of creationism in Brazil and the teaching of evolution in Latin America. He has also published articles on topics related to science and religion in journals such as Zygon; Science; Theology and Science; Science and Education; Journal of Biological Education, among others.

Two of Heslley’s recently published articles can be found at the following links: