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Sociology, STEM

Pons- de Wit, Anneke

Leuven | Belgium


Anneke Pons- de Wit is a PhD student in cultural sociology who is especially interested in the cultural manifestation of different worldviews in contemporary Western societies.

In her PhD project she conducts biographical interviews to understand the role of religious pluralism in trajectories of religious change towards atheism, religious fundamentalism, and religious relativism. Earlier, she was involved in projects about all kinds of topics that relate to religion, including the religious use of social media among orthodox and liberal Christians, popular religious music cultures, and material culture in the orthodox Protestant Dutch Biblebelt. She published about these projects in for instance Social Compass (Pons- de Wit, Roeland & Versteeg, 2015), and Material Religion (Pons- de Wit et al., 2019). Trained as sociologist in both advanced quantitative and qualitative methods Anneke’s main aim is to find a method that fits the research problem, for what reason she is experienced in a broad range of mainly qualitative research methods.