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Cazarin, Rafael

Bellaterra | Spain
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Rafael Cazarin is a sociologist with a background in ethnographic research and applied sociology.

His work examines scientific and religious discourses around gender and sexuality in Spain for the project Science and Religion: Exploring the Spectrum of Global Perspectives.

Over the past five years, Rafael has been a visiting scholar in multiple institutions such as Witwatersrand University, the University of Oxford and Université Gaston Berger. He has also engaged in collaborative researches with development agencies and non-governmental organisations in South Africa, Switzerland and the Congo (DRC).

In recognition of his work, Rafael was awarded the Ivan Varga Prize for New Generation Sociologists of Religion at the World Congress of the International Sociological Association in 2018. Currently, he holds the Juan de la Cierva Incorporación Research Fellowship awarded by the Spanish Ministry of Science and is based at the Autonomous University of Barcelona.