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Palitsky, Roman

Providence | United States


Roman Palitsky is a postdoctoral research fellow in clinical psychology at Brown University. His academic training includes a Master of Divinity from Harvard University with a focus in South Asian religions, and a PhD in Clinical Psychology from the University of Arizona with a concentration in Health Psychology.

Dr. Palitsky’s research centers on the pathways through which culture and health interact, including cultural influences on risk and resilience, as well as the design and implementation of culturally adaptive interventions.

Some of the questions that animate this work include: how can we deliver mindfulness in a way that is supportive for people from different geographic, political, religious, and economic backgrounds? Or, how does the way that we make meaning after a personal loss affect our cardiovascular health? In pursuit of these questions, his research has applied cross-disciplinary, collaborative methods including psychophysiology, daily diary, and qualitative analyses, as well as scholarship from the humanities in religion, philosophy, and history.

He is personally and professionally committed to furthering equity and inclusion in science, with ongoing service and work focused on decolonial research.