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Culture and Wellbeing, Psychology of Religion

Chen, Job

Clemson | United States


Job Chen is an Assistant Professor of Psychology at Clemson University, SC, USA.

He received his PhD in Social/Personality Psychology and a Master’s in Mathematics from the University of Oregon, after completing a Master’s degree in psychology of religion from University of Tennessee at Chattanooga.

His research interests and expertise are broadly in the psychology of religion, culture and wellbeing, and applied quantitative methods. With collaborators in Tibet, Taiwan, China, Malaysia, India, Pakistan, Iran, and the US, Job has studied and published papers on mysticism, the dynamics of faith and reason, and how religious and spiritual commitments facilitate coping and well-being, among other things. He’s currently developing research programs in psychology of Buddhism and Daoism, relational spirituality, and sacred space.

He welcomes research collaborations.