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Communication, Science Communication

Sobane, Konosoang

Pretoria | South Africa


Dr Konosoang Sobane is a science communication and health communication specialist at the Human Sciences Research Council, South Africa.

She holds a PhD in Linguistics from Stellenbosch University, with a specialisation in Healthcare Communication, and a Postgraduate Diploma in Science Communication.  Prior to the HSRC, she was a linguistics lecturer for 9 years at the National University of Lesotho, teaching courses in literacy development, as well as academic literacy.  

Her research interests are on the role of science in shaping people’s behaviours and attitudes and the science-policy interface. Her research niche is in the ways in which science, religion and culture interact in shaping or disrupting people’s processes of decision-making, and the role they play in society.

Apart from research, Dr Sobane has worked in the interface of science and public policy, advising and training researchers on how to package research for policy processes and training policy actors on how to access and use research for policy-making processes. She has done a lot of capacity building workshops in this area and in the areas of project management, effective writing and communication skills.