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Education, Philosophy, Philosophy of Science

Alibhai, Zaheeda P.

Ottawa | Canada


Zaheeda P. Alibhai is a PhD candidate in Religious Studies with a specialization in Canadian Studies at the University of Ottawa.

She received her H.B.A from the University of Toronto, where she worked with non-profit organizations dedicated to improving children’s academic performance in at-risk communities.

Alibhai is the recipient of the SCG scholarship for Outstanding Voluntary Contribution from the University of Toronto. She received her MA in Religion and Public Life from Carleton University. Her research investigates the critical intersections between religion, law, politics, media, human rights, science, and ethics in the study of identity, multiculturalism, and pluralism in Canadian and international contexts. She focuses on how “religion” broadly conceived is managed, regulated and governed in law, public policy and the media.

Her research interests include the history of the philosophy of science, material culture and the study of education. She is the recipient of the Leading Women Building Communities Award from the Canadian Minister of the Status of Women. She has contributed to several volumes exploring the intersection between religion, public policy and pluralism.