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Rios, Kimberly

Athens | United States
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Dr. Kimberly Rios is an Associate Professor of Psychology at Ohio University where she has taught since 2013.

Kimberly also serves as an Associate Editor for Group Processes and Intergroup Relations and the Journal of Theoretical Social Psychology. Previously, she was an Assistant Professor of Psychology at the University of Chicago (2010-2013) and an Assistant Professor of Communication at The Ohio State University (2008-2010).

She received her PhD in Organizational Behavior from Stanford University in 2008. Her research interests relevant to this network involve the causes and consequences of stereotyping/prejudice among religious majorities (e.g., negative stereotypes about Christians’ scientific abilities) and minorities (e.g., negative stereotypes about atheists’ morality and trustworthiness), both within the U.S. and cross-culturally.