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Leicht, Carola

United Kingdom


Carola is a Lecturer in HRM/Organisational Behaviour.

She recieved her PhD from the School of Psychology at the University of Kent in 2013. Her thesis explored how prototype-based leadership evaluation processed can be attenuated through exposure to challenging diversity experiences.

After finishing her PhD, Carola moved to Coventry University as a post-doctoral researcher to work in a multi-disciplinary research centre.

Her Research interests include how organisations, groups and individuals react to and use social diversity within their workforce and takes into account how workplace decisions, perceptions and judgements are affected by social psychological processes (e.g. stereotypes, implicit and explicit biases and social cognition) and are embedded in wider cultural contexts (e.g. diversity, power, roles and inequality). Carola applies this to a number of research areas such as women and minorities in leadership or the homogenous representations of organisations and professions (e.g. higher education or religion). 

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