S3 Episode 7: Religious Identity, Political Orientation and Vaccine Attitudes with Dr Renate Ysseldyk and Emily Tippins

In this episode Will is joined by a new co-host Dr Rebecca Hughes, a social psychologist at the University of Birmingham. Will and Rebecca welcome Renate Ysseldyk, Associate Professor in the Department of Health Sciences at Carleton University in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada specializing in Social and Health Psychology, and Emily Tippins, a PhD student at the University of Ottawa, who recently completed her Masters of Science working with Renate at Carleton University. Renate and Emily discuss how religious and non-religious individuals in Canada coped with the stresses of the COVID-19 pandemic and the differential relations between religiosity, trust in science (or lack thereof) and vaccine intentions that exist between religious and non-religious individuals. They complicate this picture further by highlighting the role that political orientation plays in vaccine intentions and trust in science, showing that it can play a greater role than religious/non-religious identity. Renate and Emily discuss the wider societal implications of this, and vaccine hesitancy more generally.

(This episode was recorded in June 2023)

This podcast is 55 minutes and 12 seconds long.

The keywords associated with this episode are:

  • COVID-19
  • Vaccine Hesitancy
  • Canada
  • Social Psychology
  • Religious and Non-religious Identities
  • Political Orientation

To learn more about the contributors work, we recommend you check out:

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