S2 Episode 8: Science and Colonial Legacies in East Africa with Professor Adam Chepkwony

In this episode, Richard and Will talk with Professor Adam Chepkwony, a Full Professor of Religion at the University of Kabianga in Kenya. Professor Chepkwony’s work covers a wide range of topics including African Religion, Inter-religious Dialogue, Science and Religion, and more. In this episode, Professor Chepkwony provides his perspective on how issues like climate change and the COVID-19 pandemic have affected, and are perceived by, people in Kenya. Additionally, Professor Chepkwony discusses the impacts of colonialism and missionary work in Kenya, including how rigid conceptualizations of Christianity, democracy, and science can sometimes lead Africans to feel like they are living “double lives”.

(This episode was recorded in March 2022)

This podcast is 53 minutes and 43 seconds long.

The keywords associated with this episode are:

  • Kenya
  • Colonialism
  • African Identities
  • Climate Change
  • COVID-19

To learn more about Adam’s work, we recommend you check out:

Chepkwony, A. K. (2011). Re-discovering African Wholistic Approach to Life: Ways of Acquiring and Appropriating Knowledge.
Chepkwony, A. K. (1994). Theological Trends in Africa. The Asbury Journal49(1), 3.
Chepkwony, A. K. (July, 2021). ‘Facing the challenges of modern medical healthcare: Human health dangling between science and belief’. Presented at the International Research Network for the Study of Science and Belief in Society Annual Conference.