S2 Episode 5: Evolution and Creation in New Zealand with Dr John Stenhouse

In this episode James Riley and Richard Grove talk with John Stenhouse, Associate Professor of History at the University of Otago, New Zealand.  John’s research interests centre on the interconnections between science, religion, race, politics and gender in the modern world, particularly using New Zealand as the major site of study. We talk about the history of creationist and evolutionary ideas in New Zealand, and how a nation cannot be separated from larger complexities of empire and globalisation when thinking about the reception of scientific ideas.

(This episode was recorded in January 2022)

This podcast is 58 minutes and 52 seconds long.

The keywords associated with this episode are:

  • History
  • Evolution
  • New Zealand
  • Empire
  • Race

To learn more about John’s work, we recommend you check out:

Stenhouse, J. (2021) Creationists and Evolutionists in New Zealand, 1800-2010: Science, Religion, Politics, and Race, Almagest 12, 92-122 

Numbers, R. L., & Stenhouse, J. (2004). Anti-evolutionism in the antipodes: from protesting evolution to promoting creationism in New Zealand. In The Cultures of Creationism (pp. 141-160). Routledge.
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