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Archaelogy, Linguistics

Jarosz, Katarzyna

Wrocław | Poland


Dr Katarzyna Jarosz is a linguist and archaeologist.

She holds a PhD in archaeology and a master’s degree in Romance languages. Her research area covers the history of science and museum studies, with a focus on the post-Soviet landscape. Her fluent knowledge of Russian, Albanian, Romanian, French Portuguese and Spanish, allows her to conduct research that is both in-depth and at pace and to do comparative analyses. She works as an assistant professor at the International University of Logistics. She is a supervisor of several masters’ theses on cultural tourism on cultural heritage management in Central Asia and the author of several peer-reviewed publications on the topic, articles and monograph chapters. She writes on relationships between archaeology and society, science tabloidization, and museums studies. Currently she is working on a project, whose aim is to analyse whether, and to what degree, historical and archaeological museums can serve as a tool in a process of shaping and building national identity. Several times she has conducted field work in Central Asia and Caucasus.