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Florio, Lucio

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Lucio Florio is a researcher and Professor at the Catholic University of Argentina. He studied Philosophy and Theology in La Plata, Rome and Buenos Aires, where he obtained the doctoral degree in Systematic Theology. Florio coordinates a interdisciplinary team of research about technology and environment.

Florio  teaches Theology of Creation at the Theology of the Pontifical Catholic Argentinean University to students of Systematic Theology, Philosophy and Literature. 

His field of research is the incorporation of natural sciences in the systematic theology, the theology of evolution and the theology of ecology. He works on the “Science and Religion” topics.

Florio is the president of the “Fundación Diálogo entre Ciencia y Religión (DECYR)” (  and member of the “Sociedad Argentina de Teología” (Argentinean Society of Theology) and the International Society for Science and Religion (ISSR).

He is the Director of the e-journal Quaerentibus. Teología y Ciencias (, a publication on Science and Religion topics to the languages of the Latin origin (Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese).

Florio is an ordained catholic priest and works in parishes of La Plata, Argentina.