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30th October 2015

Un-Natural Selection: Evolutionary Concepts in Horror Cinema

By James Thompson Altered States, 1980. Dir. Ken Russel Evolution doesn’t seem scary.  It is the processes of change in heritable traits of biological entities over successive generations, which give rise to biological diversity between and within organisms. This isn’t something likely to make you cower behind your popcorn box at the multiplex. However, the horror genre has frequently borrowed from science to create cinematic nightmares…

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29th September 2015

Is the Danish Minister of Higher Education and Science a creationist? – The monkey business revisited

By Hans Henrik Hjermitslev Charles Robert Darwin, as an ape, holds a mirror up to another ape. Colour lithograph by [F.]. Source: Wellcome Collection. Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)   During July and August 2015 the Danish public witnessed a heated controversy on science and religion in the popular media. The reason for this was that two historians of religion, Michael Rothstein and Jens-André Herbener, accused the newly appointed Minister…

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11th August 2015

Edward Burnett Tylor and the Evolution of Religion

By Efram Sera-Shriar Edward Burnett Tylor (1832-1917) may not be a household name today, but during the second half of the nineteenth century the Victorian anthropologist and scientific naturalist was a figurehead for anthropology throughout the British Empire. At his seventy-fifth birthday in 1907, his former student and friend Andrew Lang (1844-1912) argued that ‘he who would vary from Mr. Tylor’s ideas…

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14th July 2015

Why I am not a Christian: Bertrand Russell on Science and Religion

By Sylvia Nickerson The philosopher, logician and peace activist Bertrand Russell lived for almost a century, with his life spanning from the late-nineteenth to the mid-twentieth century. He grew up in Britain at the height of its empire, and lived through much of the twentieth century’s major upheavals including two European world wars, the rise of communism, women’s emancipation, America’s rising imperialism and the cold war.

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30th June 2015

How dinosaurs became the darlings of creationists

Creation Museum - man and dinosaur At the Forum on Science and Religion held in May 2015 as part of a workshop at York University, Toronto, Professor Ron L. Numbers of the University of Wisconsin gave a keynote lecture titled, “Conflict Denied: How Once-Suspect Evidence of Evolution Came to Support the Biblical Narrative.” In the lecture Professor Numbers, the author of many works on the history of creationism in the…

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22nd June 2015

Do we still have faith in science? Progress, the Pope and belief in things we can’t see

By Stephen H. Jones ‘What has become clear to me in recent years is that the old dream of progress, which used to be assumed, is being replaced in popular culture by visions of disaster, ecological catastrophe in particular’. So said Robert Bellah, one of the twentieth century’s most accomplished scholars of religion, in 2008. His words have seemed apt following the coverage of Pope…

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