Funding Programme

Our funding programme seeks to promote the growth of the social study of science and religion globally, by supporting the ongoing development of an international network of active academic researchers. We provide small grants to stimulate new avenues of individual or collaborative research internationally.

The majority of research projects, and researchers in this emergent field of study, have to date been based in North America and the UK. Whilst this work continues to be incredibly important in breaking new ground and evidencing the need for further development of this field of study, it has not yet provided the opportunity to consider in sufficient detail the culturally contingent nuances or diversity of positions relating to localized issues across different country contexts, publics or communities of interest.

The first round of funding we have made available is for ‘Seed Funding and Small Research Grants’. (Applications to the current round closed on 1 October 2020).

The Seed Funding and Small Research Grants scheme is designed to support academics to conduct socially relevant research in this field which can include, but is not limited to:

  • Small scale research data collection projects
  • Pilot or trial research in order to develop ideas for future larger funding
  • Analysis and write up of data necessary to publish academic papers, chapters or books

For further details about this scheme, please visit the How to Apply page. 

Priority in this round will be given to those who are seeking to grow their international research collaborations through this grant scheme. However, this is not an essential requirement of projects proposed within this grant scheme. We welcome applications from academic researchers based in any country worldwide.

Currently, we plan to run the Seed Funding and Small Research Grants scheme again in 2021 and in 2022 and more details will be available in due course on this website.

We are grateful to the Templeton Religion Trust for its generous support which has enabled us to run this programme.