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12th February 2016

Darwin Day: Celebrating Without Deifying

By Alexander Hall Today, Friday February 12th 2016, is the 207th anniversary of Charles Darwin’s birth. Celebrated around the world as ‘Darwin Day’, events across 6 continents from Tel-Aviv to Tokyo will commemorate the English naturalist’s work, explore his legacy, and discuss the current state of affairs in the field of Evolutionary Biology and beyond. Whilst the majority…

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29th September 2015

Is the Danish Minister of Higher Education and Science a creationist? – The monkey business revisited

By Hans Henrik Hjermitslev Charles Robert Darwin, as an ape, holds a mirror up to another ape. Colour lithograph by [F.]. Source: Wellcome Collection. Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)   During July and August 2015 the Danish public witnessed a heated controversy on science and religion in the popular media. The reason for this was that two historians of religion, Michael Rothstein and Jens-André Herbener, accused the newly appointed Minister…

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22nd June 2015

Do we still have faith in science? Progress, the Pope and belief in things we can’t see

By Stephen H. Jones ‘What has become clear to me in recent years is that the old dream of progress, which used to be assumed, is being replaced in popular culture by visions of disaster, ecological catastrophe in particular’. So said Robert Bellah, one of the twentieth century’s most accomplished scholars of religion, in 2008. His words have seemed apt following the coverage of Pope…

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